ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America. For the latest information, visit us at
ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America.

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Solving for Optimum

A perfect program developed just for you

Just imagine — one company can handle it all

How many times have you seen this happen? When designing and constructing a major facility upgrade, one firm engineers the solution, another manages the project, an army of suppliers and contractors are hired to replace and build new systems including lighting, electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation, and controls. And the list goes on.

When it’s all done, a different team must maintain complex technologies that are big on promise and short on delivery. It becomes nearly impossible to establish standards, manage costs, and deliver optimum outcomes.

There is a better way. ENGIE Services U.S. provides integrated, one stop, in-house capabilities to seamlessly coordinate facility modernization solutions and services. Customized and combined, this suite of solutions improves building performance, lowers costs, and reduces exposure to risk with guaranteed results.

It’s not too late if you’ve fallen
into the piecemeal trap


The magic of integrations lies in the perfect combination of solutions and services designed just for you. The result is a high-performing Energy Effective™ facility that provides guaranteed savings, improves comfort and safety, and dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.