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How Effective is Your Energy?

When energy is effective, it is:


Produces clean, reliable and affordable energy with lasting impacts


Saves money by improving operations, reducing waste, and conserving resources


Transforms energy performance into improvements that increase function and productivity

We Understand

You are constantly advised to make better use of your time, conserve financial and organizational resources, deploy new methods that minimize “friction” and discover processes that help us do more with less. The quest for greater efficiency has amassed a large and loyal following, with practitioners rarely questioning the underlying premise that being more efficient is always best.

Yet what if all the resource conservation, energy efficiency and cost cutting is unknowingly hurting you?

Discouraging your customers?

Degrading your bottom line?

Disrupting your organization and distracting you from what is really important?

What if you are investing in solutions that solve the wrong problem?

After designing and implementing thousands of energy retrofit and building modernization projects, we really have seen it all.

The far too much and the much too little.

Energy wasters and efficiency warriors.

Savings prioritized over outcomes.

Positive results and negative consequences.

This may look familiar

School district energy managers so obsessed with savings that classroom ventilation is reduced to the point that students can’t concentrate.

A community swimming pool that conserves energy but operates at temperatures fit only for polar bears.

An office building that shuts down cooling systems well before employees leave, creating a hot, stuffy, unproductive workplace.

Manufacturing facilities with lighting so dim that workers make mistakes and quality is sacrificed.

In each situation, something was terribly wrong and energy was at the root of the problem. Energy was being efficiently used and money was being saved, but students were uncomfortable, workers unproductive, commerce was suboptimal, and resources were ultimately wasted. Energy was not being used effectively.

The Energy Effective™ approach solves for these challenges. Better yet, it’s straightforward.

Understand that energy efficiency is important, but it is only part of the equation. It can be the means, but it is not the end. The real goal is to build better functioning systems and more comfortable buildings that are also efficient and sustainable.

The Energy Effective™ Approach

We explore all of the pertinent energy solutions that can minimize your environmental footprint, improve asset performance, and modernize facilities.

The Energy Effective™ Approach

From energy conservation measures, to building information management, to project finance and facilities modernization, our experts identify relevant technologies, solutions, and services for your program.

The Energy Effective™ Approach

Integrating proven technologies with complementary services help our customers operate, maintain, and modernize buildings and facilities over long periods of time. Superior to a piecemeal approach, integration maximizes performance and accounts for lifecycle costs.

The Energy Effective™ Approach

We optimize programs for our customers’ success criteria to capture efficiencies, enhance usability of both energy and space, and most importantly, deliver outcomes beyond energy.


Combining and connecting technologies and
services to create greater impact