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Revealing energy insights
for optimal performance.


Utilityvision™ is a scalable customized software solution combined with expert analysis and recommendations designed to optimize energy efficiency and savings — with guaranteed results.

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Features Step 1

Intelligent Software

The platform uses advanced software algorithms to uncover deficiencies and closely monitor activity between your monthly billing cycles.
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Versatile Hardware

Using robust hardware or existing platforms, real-time utility data is captured through revenue grade meters and weather stations, then made available in cloud-based software.
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Superior Services

Human intelligence powers our concierge-level service to allow you to set and act on alerts that are meaningful to the Energy Effective goals of your facility.

Delivering Guaranteed Savings

Customers who implement the recommendations provided by the Utilityvision team, see significant results:

  • Energy bills reduced by double digit savings
  • Longer equipment life with fewer servicing costs
  • Staff savings in responding to and addressing equipment failures
  • Higher occupant satisfaction and productivity

We’re so confident in our ability to uncover efficiency recommendations that we guarantee savings and improved facility performance.

ENGIE offers a combination of software analytics and 24/7 monitoring to ensure energy costs are actively controlled, your facilities are comfortable, and building equipment is operating as planned.

Whether you are managing K-12 schools, a university campus or retail stores, our technology-agnostic software can be customized to meet your needs with real-time portable data in a user-friendly dashboard.

Utility Monitoring

Service Plans

Basic Standard Premium
Regular Reporting
Standard Alarms
User Dashboard
Access to ENGIE’s Expert Team  
Complex Analytics  
Premium Dashboard  
Advanced Alarms
Utility Bill Validation
Performance Guarantee
Performance Optimization
Energy Effective Optimization

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