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Funding and Financing

Facility improvements, infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy and sustainability initiatives all require significant capital investment. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, locating funding and competitive financing for capital projects is a challenge. The good news is there are many innovative opportunities to fund energy projects from future savings and revenue streams, which minimize up-front cash outlays while reducing risk. Our finance experts can find the necessary capital to fund an Energy Effective™ program with minimal or no upfront investment.
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Funding & Financing Simplified

Today, there are many potential sources of funds and myriad financial structures to evaluate. It’s difficult to know what financing options are available, let alone which will provide the highest ROI. Our finance team has decades of experience working across thousands of projects. We extend our capabilities by partnering with lenders, investment banks, tax experts, financial advisors and government agencies regionally and nationally with one simple goal in mind: help our customers find the best, most optimal funding sources that balance risk, benefits, terms, transparency and deal simplicity.

Here are just a few samples of funding
sources we evaluate for our customers:

Capital Contribution/Cash
Certificate of Participation
Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
Federal Grants and Loans
Local Bond or Levy
Other Rebates/Grants
Power Purchase Agreement
State Bond Funds
Utility Incentives
Utility Rebates & On Bill Finance
Tax Exempt Lease Purchase
Water Revenue Bond Funds
Many customers prefer to engage in a retrofit program that is billed as a service when CapEx dollars are not available. In this situation, consider our Energy as a Service™ offering.

Energy as a Service™

ENGIE EaaS provides a path forward for customers who would otherwise be roadblocked by lack of capital, financing, or project management availability. By applying advanced energy solutions, services, and financing instruments with ENGIE’s EaaS, your energy use and cost are managed by our expert team. This shifts the burden of technology evaluation and selection, financing, management, implementation, and ongoing support. You capture substantial savings, gain optimized energy performance, and a reduced carbon footprint with no capital expense.

Contact our project finance team today at: info.esus@engie.com.

Funding And Financing - EaaS

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