ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America. For the latest information, visit us at
ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America.

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Sustainability for
Colleges & Universities

Complete Care for Your Buildings and Infrastructure, One Accountable Provider

When energy is effective, it is:


Produces clean, reliable, and affordable energy with lasting impacts


Saves money by improving operations, reducing waste, and conserving resources


Transforms energy performance into improvements that increase function and productivity

Outdated facilities. Constantly changing technology choices. Dozens of contractors and suppliers. All amid squeezed budgets.

The result is short-term, piecemeal fixes to your buildings and infrastructure when there’s a better way.

ENGIE is your complete energy solutions partner.

Eastern Michigan University’s New Cogeneration Plant and Energy Center
In 2017, Eastern Michigan University worked with ENGIE Services U.S. to modernize the operations inside its heating plant. With its new cogeneration system, EMU saves $50,000 every week and $2.8 million annually.

Just imagine – one company handles it all

We have helped 100 higher education institutions across the country improve their operations, contain costs and access capital – all with guaranteed results. Leverage our vast experience to help you achieve the right results for your institution.

Work with one, connected team that provides cross-functional expertise to improve your buildings’ performance and lower costs. Let us help you release untapped revenue and saving streams that combine with alternative financing structures to unlock new possibilities.

Speak with an ENGIE energy specialist today.

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Complete Care For Your Buildings

Six Advantages of Working with ENGIE

  1. Performance Certainty
  2. Better ROI
  3. Turnkey And Comprehensive Service
  4. Transformative Impact
  5. Superior Customer Experience
  6. Global Leadership

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