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Boston University


Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

Boston University’s track and tennis facilities underwent an LED lighting and advanced controls retrofit, designed and installed by ENGIE Services U.S. (ENGIE).

The Partnership

ENGIE and BU partnered together to improve lighting levels in the facility. The existing outdated ballasts also made a loud, noticeable sound in the building, which was especially a nuisance during commencement and recreational events. ENGIE helped BU design a modern lighting system with the ability to dim as well as have advanced capabilities for control. ENGIE replaced existing 1000W and 400W metal halide fixtures with new LED fixtures with advanced wireless controls.

3 Dimensions of Impact

ENGIE is committed to building three dimensions of impact in every customer’s future:

  • Supporting People
    • The lighting control system designed and implemented by ENGIE can
      schedule and dim the fixtures based on event schedules, occupancy, and daylight harvesting. Since the building is multi-use for events ranging from commencement to recreational and competitive sports, different lighting control schemes can be saved and scheduled for the appropriate event, saving facility managers time, expense, and resulting in the optimum lighting environment for each specific event.
  • Saving Money
    • ENGIE qualified the project for nearly $100,000 in utility incentives, yielding a payback period of just over a year.
  • Protecting the Environment
    • The energy efficiency measures implemented for BU will achieve a total annual savings 770,000 kWh, reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 120 cars from the road.

Integrated Program Highlights

Custom-designed solutions and services are critical to achieve Energy Effective™ facilities. To learn more about this integrated program, download the PDF to read the full technical scope.


Funding and Financing

Funding and Financing



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