ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America. For the latest information, visit us at
ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America.

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Sustainability Plans for Colleges & Universities of All Sizes

Envision 2030:
Modernizing Your Campus

Key Takeaways

  • Manage utility costs, mitigate risks and conserve resources
  • Enhance building comfort, safety and resiliency
  • Generate, store and sell excess power
  • Outsource facilities management
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Whether you’re a leader of a small, medium, or large college or university, you now face a myriad of additional challenges to lower your institution’s carbon footprint. Your goals to become more energy efficient and fiscally sound mean changes have to be made.

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With a mission to take on the major energy challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon economy, ENGIE manages a range of energy businesses across 70 countries that deliver solutions for energy efficiency, renewable generation, energy infrastructure, and asset monetization. From electricity generation and central heating plant management, to battery capabilities and microgrids, ENGIE provides the services that help customers run their facilities more efficiently, optimize energy use, and minimize expense.