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ENGIE Services U.S has a new home online with ENGIE North America.

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National Retailer

With over 100 retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, this national retail store significantly extended their existing Facility Management capabilities with a remote team of asset management experts.

The Opportunity

Limited bandwidth in managing a complex portfolio of uniquely designed retail sites prompted this partnership with ENGIE Services U.S. This national retail chain has a variety of geographically and physically diverse buildings with equally diverse HVAC and lighting systems. To add to this, the stores have multiple energy management and building automation systems ranging in age, brand, and various levels of capability, standardization, and complexity. This customer required overall support managing these systems while meeting the corporate challenge to reduce energy costs and control comfort.

The Partnership

This retail customer was looking to reduce costs relating to energy, maintenance, and operations through improved insight into their store’s facility systems. Through partnership with ENGIE, we began with data management and rate monitoring of utility expenses to establish portfolio analytics and benchmarking. We also started EMS and lighting monitoring services and enabled outlier and anomaly investigation services. The visibility and insights gained from the data and analytics support customer decisions on the implementation of EMS and other capital expense projects that have helped to further drive energy and maintenance expense reductions.  
With a rapidly growing portfolio of sites, capital improvements, and changing EMS through regular team meetings to review specific site and project data. EMS alarm monitoring and call handling processes were updated to support these projects with remote validation, scheduling, setpoint and setting standardization as well as call center dispatch and project tracking/visibility.  
With defined processes, business rules, and escalation methods, ENGIE provides on- going, reliable support that delivers repeatable results.

3 Dimensions of Impact

With this strategy in place, this retail customer’s energy management has resulted in bottom-line savings, improved operational efficiencies and continued data insights. The data helped to pinpoint and prioritize projects that provided the most immediate energy and cost savings.

ENGIE is committed to building three dimensions of impact in every customer’s future:

  • Supporting People
    • Increase staff productivity with reliable service expertise and supplier management
  • Saving Money
    • Enable preventative savings through data insights and prioritize capital expenditures
  • Protecting the Environment
    • Maintain schedules and set points to uphold energy standards across all sites with 24/7 troubleshooting

Integrated Program Highlights

Custom-designed solutions and services are critical to achieve Energy Effective™ facilities. To learn more about this integrated program, download the PDF to read the full technical scope.






Monitoring and Metering

Monitoring and Metering